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Continuing the efforts of our Sunday School children, DRCC is continuously looking for ways to go GREEN! Remember to recycle in the blue bins located in the each classroom as well as the staff offices, Fellowship Hall and the Narthex. 

Sybil continues her efforts to support recycling and reduce paper usage by using email and social media to relay messages to parents/teachers and by having our documents on-line and only in hard copy by request. In addition, electronic weekly Sunday School messages are sent informing parents/teachers of upcoming events and activities. You will also find the Sunday School newsletter being sent to teachers via email and posted on this page.

Click here for a complete list of items which can be recycled in your classroom containers!

Please be sure to participate in our recycling efforts and go GREEN!


Continuing the efforts of our Sunday School children, we are constantly looking for ways to go green! Feel free to print these documents at home or keep it on your computer for reference.